Medical Informatics

Development of medicine, the use of modern methods of diagnosis and treatment, increasing the volume of medical literature resulted in the publication rapid growth of medical information, which makes workers health and medical researchers at the present stage refer to the computer that meets the requirements of today. An important place in the future of the doctor take personal Computers are used to maintain medical records processing of health information for other biomedical problems and so on.

The development of computer technology, their introduction into medicine and requires health care providers to knowledge and practical skills in organizing and processing of medical information. The current stage of development of health and medicine related to the emergence of new integrated knowledge areas that have common scientific basics: medical cybernetics, health economics, management and marketing and so on.

As a result of sharply increased the volume of information that must be process in dealing with such traditional medical tasks such as:

  • Diagnosis;
  • The treatment;
  • Prediction of the treatment process, the results of treatment;
  • Correction of the treatment process;
  • A holistic view of disease, is based on numerous data obtained by different methods examination by specialists;
  • Decision-making in the management and control of vital important functions of the body under time pressure.

Basically, defining what is medical informatics is done by understanding its tasks. The fundamental one of those is computerization of medical practice, which involves the mass introduction of practice of health care institutions of methods for obtaining, processing, transmission and storage of information using a PC.

Strict definition

Medical informatics (MI) is an applied medical and technical science branch, the result of cross-interaction between medicine and computer science: medicine delivers a complex of tasks and methods, and computer science provides a set of tools and techniques in a single methodological approach.

The object of study of medical informatics at the same time will be the informational processes associated with the biomedical, clinical and preventive issues.

The subject of study of MI is information technology is implemented in health care. Information technology – it’s mostly computer-based methods of production, storage, transfer and use information. Although, strictly speaking about what is medical informatics, its concept is quite broader than just introducing computer technology to automate certain activities. The main purpose of MI is to optimize the information process in medicine through the use of computer technology, which would enhance the quality of public health. Given that MI is one of the applications of computer science, MI can be composed of two sections: general, basic science and proper medical informatics. Total computer hardware and software reviews computer software, the principles of creating computer systems that are common to all applications of computer science.

Moreover, it also involves the use of standard, universal means of informatics solutions for medical problems and special health care information technology and systems.

Current situation in Medical informatics

MI is now introduced in all major sub-branches of medicine. The main activists are: laboratory and groups involved in medical cybernetics, medical equipment manufacturers, medical data-processing centers, third-party organizations engaged in the automation of administrative activity, heads of medical institutions, local authorities self-implementing a new technology.

As a result of MI development, almost over half a century of discoveries and inventions in the sphere of medical scienceб information computer systems now stands as an important tool for practical health care. However, although the process of informatization of medicine is being actively developed and saturation of technical equipment in medical institutions in the near future will come to an optimum level, there is some lag in the availability of specialized medical software and the necessary number of trained staff to work with it. That’s why demand for specialists having competent insight on what is medical informatics is constantly growing these days.