Chiropractic care

May 12, 2018 Beth May 0

Along with regular chiropractic care for lower back pain and preventative care, there are many good habits that reward you with good health such as […]

Medical Informatics

May 2, 2018 Beth May 0

Development of medicine, the use of modern methods of diagnosis and treatment, increasing the volume of medical literature resulted in the publication rapid growth of […]


April 1, 2018 Beth May 0

Nearsightedness or Myopia is an eye trouble that makes objects at a distance to be blurred. A nearsighted person can clearly see objects that are […]

Accepting your body

April 1, 2018 Beth May 0

So I read something on Facebook the other day that really ticked me off.  It was a post about how the “body acceptance movement” is […]


April 1, 2018 Beth May 0

What’s Happening to Our Health? We live in an increasingly toxic society.  Our water, air and food supplies are heavily polluted. Approximately 75,000 new chemicals […]

Relieve lower back pain

March 28, 2018 Beth May 0

Without doubt most of us have endured lower back pain and wanted professional help. While there is no cure for again suffering, there are several […]

Kidney Stones

March 26, 2018 Beth May 0

One of my patients once said, “I have delivered three children and this is the worst pain I’ve ever experienced.” She was not alone in […]