A Review of Burn the Fat Feed The Muscle

With over one thousand exercise and weight loss guides that are available over the internet, it is quite understandable if you do not trust of it. This is because, all these products offer amazing results which usually end up disappointing one after wasting a lot of money in it. So what makes them Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle any different from other products that are being sold over the internet?

Firstly, the author of the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle guide is a fitness model, a personal trainer and a motivational coach for a couple of years now. He is experienced because of the fact he has been working since 1989 and has since that time, been featured on several magazines in the United State. He has also appeared in several talk shows and shared what he has learned for the past twenty three years with audience. The author, Tom Venuto does not use his accomplishments to woo you to believe that the product is working, instead he focuses on the most important and helpful aspects of the book.

The Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle guide helps one identify his or her body type. The problem as to why a lot of people fail weight loss is the fact that they just rush to gyms without taking their body type into consideration. What is even sadder is that a lot of personal trainers forget the fact that the body type is a very important factor during weight loss. The guide details out the point that people come in different shapes and size which ultimately affect the way one will lose weight.

Additionally, the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscles guide discusses the age factor. In this instance, the body type and the body conditions are also taken into consideration. In addition to giving you tips on what kinds of food to eat, the guide also shows one how to prepare healthy meals and what kinds of foods are the best and which ones are harmful. Besides that, the guide also detailed information on the kind of body supplements that one should take. The next thing is the weight and cardio training session, the guide recognizes the importance of exercise in achieving that desired weight loss. It is for this very reason that various simple exercises have been provided that will make a big change in the road to your weight loss and training.

The best thing with Burn the Fat Feed the Muscles product is that it is not only guided you on your path to weight loss, but informs you on how your body works. Example is chapter five which basically explains in depth on the individual metabolism and how understanding it can help you know your body type. Bottom line is the book is not but another promise- heaven -but- gives hell- kind- of- book, it is rather a book that ensures that you get what it is that you are expecting. With the book, you will notice that it is quite different from the rest of the books.